Decoding Wire Gauges: The Ultimate Guide to AWG to MM² Conversion


Wire gauge standards are essential in electrical engineering to ensure safe and efficient operation of electrical systems. The size of a wire can impact its current-carrying capacity, electrical resistance, weight, and cost. The two most commonly used wire gauge standards are the American Wire Gauge (AWG) and the metric system (mm²). This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of these standards, including how they differ and a detailed guide on how to convert AWG to mm².

Understanding AWG and MM²

American Wire Gauge (AWG)

The AWG system, known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge, is predominantly used in North America. It is a logarithmic scale based on the cross-sectional area of the wire. As the AWG number decreases, the wire diameter increases.

Metric Wire Size (mm²)

Metric wire size is measured in square millimeters (mm²) and is commonly used in Europe and Asia. It directly measures the cross-sectional area of the wire.

Why Convert?

Converting American Wire Gauge (AWG) to square millimeters (mm²) is often necessary when working with electrical conductors and cables, especially in contexts where international standards or metric units are used. Here are a few reasons why this conversion might be necessary:

  • International Standards: AWG is primarily used in the United States for measuring wire sizes, while many other countries, especially those using the metric system, use the metric system for wire sizing, often in square millimeters. When dealing with international projects or equipment that follows metric standards, it's crucial to convert AWG to mm² for consistency.
  • Component Compatibility: Different components, such as connectors, terminals, and devices, may have specifications provided in metric units. If you have wire size information in AWG, converting it to mm² ensures compatibility with these components.
  • Calculation of Cross-Sectional Area: In electrical engineering, the cross-sectional area of a conductor is a critical parameter. It directly influences the conductor's current-carrying capacity and other electrical properties. Converting AWG to mm² allows for consistent calculations and comparisons of cross-sectional areas.
  • International Projects: In projects involving multiple countries or regions with different measurement systems, it's essential to have a standardized unit for wire sizes. Converting AWG to mm² facilitates communication and ensures that everyone involved in the project works with the same units.
  • Manufacturing and Installation: Wire and cable manufacturers often produce products according to international standards, and those standards may specify wire sizes in metric units. When installing or specifying wiring in a metric-based system, converting from AWG to mm² ensures that the selected wires meet the required specifications.

Converting AWG to MM²

Converting between these standards involves using specific conversion tables or formulas that relate the cross-sectional area in square millimeters to the AWG size. Below is a table that provides an approximate conversion between AWG and mm²:

AWG to MM² Conversion Table

Remember that wire size is just one aspect of electrical design, and other factors such as current-carrying capacity, voltage drop, and insulation properties should also be considered.


Wire Gauge Conversion: A Must-Know for Electrical Pros"

Understanding how to convert between different wire gauge standards is crucial for professionals working in electrical wiring fields. Whether you're an electrical engineer in North America using AWG or a European technician using mm², knowing how to convert between these standards can be incredibly useful.

In this blog post, we've explored the differences between AWG and mm², discussed why conversion between these standards might be necessary, and provided a guide on how to perform this conversion.

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Awg to mm² conversion

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