Mastering Precision: The SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor

In modern manufacturing, precision is of utmost importance, and a crucial component for achieving it is the photoelectric proximity sensor. This device, powered by light, is essential for detecting the presence or absence of objects without physical contact. This article will explore the photoelectric proximity sensor and focus on the SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor 10-30VDC 350mm PNP 1041411 WTB12-3P2431. Continue reading to learn more.

Understanding the Essence of Photoelectric Proximity Sensors

A photoelectric proximity sensor is a technology that utilizes light to detect an object's distance, presence, or absence. It consists of an emitter that emits light and a receiver that captures the reflected or transmitted light. This sensor can detect metallic and non-metallic targets and comes in various types based on how light beams are emitted and received.

The purpose of a photoelectric proximity sensor is to detect objects without physical contact. In industrial manufacturing, these sensors offer advantages such as sensing all kinds of materials, longer life, extended sensing range, rapid response time, and cost-effectiveness.

SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor: A Closer Look

The SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor 10-30VDC 350mm PNP 1041411 WTB12-3P2431 is a photoelectric sensor with advanced features designed for precision and reliability.

Product Overview:

This sensor belongs to the category of photoelectric proximity sensors, which detect objects without physical contact by utilizing light. Its main principle is the "background suppression" feature, allowing it to disregard objects beyond a particular distance, making it suitable for applications requiring accuracy.

Product Specifications:

  • Voltage Range: 10-30VDC
  • Sensing Range: Up to 350mm
  • Output Type: PNP (Positive-Negative-Positive)
  • Light Wavelength: 640nm (Visible Red Light)
  • Adjustment: Potentiometer with 5 turns
  • Dimensions: 15.6mm x 48.5mm x 42mm
  • Weight: 120g


This sensor has a service life of 100,000 hours at TU = +25 °C. Its design enables it to function well in environments with intense ambient light or disruptive background reflections.


The SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor provides reliable detection and ambient light immunity, particularly for small, transparent, or reflective objects near the machine. It effectively ignores highly reflective objects in the background, ensuring precision in various industrial settings.

Real-world Applications:

Engineered with versatility in mind, this sensor finds its niche in detecting:

  1. Detects flat objects, making it suitable for use in conveyor systems to identify the presence of boxes or packages.
  2. Identifies objects with position tolerances, making it useful in assembly lines to detect objects that are not consistently in the exact position.
  3. Efficiently detects objects wrapped in transparent film, making it a great addition to packaging industries.
  4. Useful in scenarios where objects have holes or perforations, such as metal sheets with drilled holes.
  5. Detects small components or parts, making it ideal for precision manufacturing.
  6. Excels in detecting transparent objects like glass sheets or bottles, making it a valuable tool in the glass industry.
  7. Reliably detects shiny metal parts with uneven surfaces, making it useful in metalworking industries.
  8. Critical in high-speed production lines, ensuring reliable detection of rapidly moving objects.

Choosing the right sensor: A buyer's guide

When choosing a photoelectric sensor, there are several important factors that buyers should take into consideration. One such option on the market is the SICK sensor, which offers good background suppression performance.

  1. Sensing Range: The distance the sensor can detect an object.
  2. Target Object Properties: Size, shape, color, material, and reflectivity of the object.
  3. Environmental Conditions: Lighting conditions, dust or dirt, temperature, and humidity.
  4. Installation Requirements: Space available for installation, need for mounting hardware, ease of installation and adjustment.
  5. Cost: Price and cost-effectiveness of operation.

Selecting the appropriate sensor is crucial for cost-saving and preventing problems with setup, operation, and durability. Accurately choosing a photoelectric proximity sensor is vital for its effectiveness in industrial applications.


Precision sensors play a crucial role as industries move towards greater automation and efficiency. The SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor is a leading example.

The SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor is a highly effective tool for industrial automation. Its advanced background suppression technology and impressive specifications make it a dependable and precise sensor for various industrial uses. This sensor is known for its accuracy, making it a popular photoelectric sensor for many operations managers and plant supervisors.

Precision sensors play an essential role as industries move towards greater automation and efficiency. The SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor 10-30VDC 350mm PNP 1041411 WTB12-3P2431 is an example of a precision sensor that has proven to be reliable. It has advanced features that have helped it to be at the forefront of the precision revolution.

Every millimeter counts when it comes to achieving manufacturing excellence, and interruptions can have a ripple effect. Choosing a suitable sensor is a crucial decision that requires a commitment to precision, reliability, and the smooth flow of automation. The SICK Background Suppression Photoelectric Sensor is a dependable sensor that helps to ensure precision in industrial automation.

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Sick background suppression photoelectric sensor

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