Struggling to source obsolete electrical parts?

Want to keep older equipment running but can't find the correct replacement part? 

obsolete parts at industrical electrical warehouse

We're here to help.

Failing to source an obsolete electronic component that's extremely difficult to find in high-quality condition can be frustrating as it can compromise and derail productivity and safety.

You may have reached a point where you had no choice but to accept an unsuitable alternative or a counterfeit substitute—but instead of solving the problem, it worsened it.

But that shouldn't be the case. Although many manufacturers no longer produce these parts, it doesn't mean they're lost forever in circulation. Instead of disposing of these parts, they're tested and brought back into circulation through various electrical distributors like us.

discontinued collection available at industrial electrical warehouse

We've made buying discontinued electrical parts for you a breeze! 

We've compiled the most popular and in-demand "Legacy" electrical parts in a dedicated product collection. So you won't have to go from store to store looking for that hard-to-find electrical component.

Easy access to discontinued parts not only helps improve productivity in your workshops. It can also help save you money since you no longer need to buy newer versions of these machines to keep your operations running. 

Although newer equipment has its fair share of advantages for your production, sticking with older ones won't hurt you. If they can still meet the ever-increasing demand for your products, they are unquestionably worthwhile to keep. 

Here are some of the products that we have under our Discontinued Collection.







discontinued collection only at Industrial Electrical Warehouse

Why should you source discontinued electrical parts from Industrial Electrical Warehouse (IEW)?  

  1. Since 1974, Industrial Electrical Warehouse has served thousands of residential and industrial customers worldwide.
  2. We offer a wide range of electrical solutions—from PLC automation to cables, wires, conduits, household equipment, and industrial, light, and power essentials.
  3. Best deals on major brands and reasonable prices on end-of-life "hard-to-find" electrical parts.
  4. Products are thoroughly tested to ensure they're fully functional before shipping out.
  5. Items are guaranteed to be affordable and cost-effective.
  6. Products are not refurbished. They're all new and never used—delivered to our Sydney warehouse straight from the manufacturer.
  7. IEW's product listings include the brand name, specifications, and manufacturer part number to ensure you purchase the correct electrical part.
  8. We offer an easy 30-day money-back guarantee.
  9. We offer dependable sales and after-sales support.
  10. Our payment methods are straightforward, dependable, and secure.

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