Opto 22 Solid State Relay 120/250VAC 10A 240A10

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The Opto 22 Solid State Relay, designated as the 240A10 model, represents a robust and efficient electronic switching solution for controlling electrical loads. This particular SSR operates effectively within a voltage range of 120/250VAC and possesses a noteworthy current-handling capability of up to 10A. Renowned for their superior performance, solid-state relays like the 240A10 offer advantages such as fast and quiet switching without relying on traditional mechanical components, contributing to a more reliable and low-maintenance operation.

With its 10A current rating, the 240A10 SSR is versatile enough to manage a range of loads, including resistive heaters, lighting systems, and motor controls. Solid-state relays are preferred in applications where precision and reliability are paramount, making them commonplace in industrial automation and process control systems. The absence of moving parts in this Opto 22 SSR not only ensures a longer operational lifespan but also minimizes wear and tear, promoting a durable and dependable performance. Engineers and installers can leverage the compact design and high-performance features of the Opto 22 Solid State Relay 240A10 to achieve efficient and accurate control in diverse electrical systems. For specific technical details, installation guidelines, and compatibility considerations, users are advised to refer to the product documentation to ensure optimal integration into their applications.

Opto 22 Solid State Relay 120/250VAC 10A 240A10 Features:

  • The 240A10 is an AC-controlled Power Series relay that switches 240VAC at up to 10A.
  • Power Series relays provide 4000 volts of isolation between input and output and offer zero-voltage turn-on and zero-current turn-off. They are UL and CSA recognized and are a CE component, UKCA certified.

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