Understanding the Different Types of Safety Relays and Their Applications

Safety relays are an essential component in industrial automation and machine safety. They are responsible for constructing safety circuits that significantly reduce the likelihood of hazards and ensure the secure operation of machinery. In this article, we will provide an in-depth discussion of the various types of safety relays and their practical applications.

What is a Safety Relay?

A safety relay is a powerful automation tool that performs multiple safety functions. It inspects and monitors safety systems while also executing commands to start or stop machines. Its primary goal is to minimize the risk of hazards to an acceptable level. In the event of an error, the safety relay can initiate a reliable response to decrease the likelihood of machinery damage, human injury, or even death. For example, if a blockage occurs, the safety relay can initiate a pause, stopping the machinery until the blockage is removed. Furthermore, it has an emergency stop mechanism that can command machines or plants to turn off power if it is deemed unsafe to continue operations. There are several types of safety relays, three of which are outlined below.

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Single-Function Safety Relays

Single-function safety relays are purposely built to cater to a specific safety function such as safety gates or emergency stop buttons. They are ideal for simple safety circuits requiring one or two safety functions and are a cost-effective solution for smaller machinery.

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The 440R-N23120 is a single-function safety relay powered by 24 volts AC/DC. It has dual channel inputs, two normally closed (NC) inputs, and two normally open (NO) safety outputs. With its monitored manual reset feature, this relay is perfect for completing the safety function for smaller machinery. 

As for the 440R-C23139, it also has a 24V AC/DC power source. It has three normally open outputs (NO), two NC output contacts, and two PNP solid-state outputs. This relay comes with removable terminals and a configurable reset that can be set to be automatic/manual or manually monitored. 

Both relays are designed to process and provide basic protections and monitor external safety features on your machine. They are dedicated logic devices that can ensure the safety of your equipment. Shop for the Allen Bradley Single Function Safety Relay 24V at IEW (industrialelectricalwarehouse.com) today!

Modular Safety Relays

In order to create more advanced safety circuits, modular safety relays are the way to go. With their diverse modules, you can mix and match to achieve various safety functions. For instance, you can keep an eye on emergency stop buttons, safety gates, light curtains, and two-hand controls using a modular safety relay system.

We highly recommend the Allen Bradley Modular Safety Relay MSR220P 440R-H23178 from the GuardMaster product line. This relay runs on a 24VDC supply and is expertly designed to meet EN 954-1 Category 4. It has a stop category of 0 and is built to fit a 17.5 mm DIN rail housing. The relay boasts two input circuits that can monitor safety gates, emergency-stop buttons, or safety mats. Additionally, it has four diagnostic status indicators and removable terminals. You can purchase it now at industrialelectricalwarehouse.com with complete confidence.

Configurable Safety Relays

Configurable safety relays are highly versatile and adaptable to various safety functions, making them a popular choice for complex safety systems. Their programmable nature allows for flexibility in meeting changing safety needs and requirements. These relays are especially useful when multiple safety functions are necessary.

Applications of Safety Relays

Safety relays are highly versatile in their applications, finding use in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, industrial automation, and material handling. These devices are critical for monitoring safety features such as light curtains, safety gates, and emergency stop buttons, ensuring that workers are protected at all times. Moreover, safety relays can also be used to regulate machinery by immediately halting operations in the event of an open guard or the presence of an operator in a hazardous area.

It's worth noting that safety relays are not limited to industrial automation applications alone, but can also be employed in the transportation and energy sectors. For instance, they can be utilized to supervise rail crossings and to manage the operations of wind turbines, among other applications. With their unparalleled safety features and broad applicability, safety relays are an essential component of modern-day safety systems.

Choosing the Right Safety Relay for Your Application

When selecting a safety relay for your application, there are several crucial factors to consider. Firstly, determine which type of relay is most suitable for your needs. If you only require basic safety functions, a single-function relay may suffice. However, if you anticipate changing needs or need to construct a more complex safety circuit, a modular or configurable relay may be a better option.

In addition, it is essential to take into account the relay's technical specifications such as voltage, current ratings, and response time. It is critical to select a relay that is compatible with your equipment and can operate reliably under the intended conditions of use.

Lastly, consider the relay's price, ease of installation, and maintenance. The cost of safety relays can vary greatly based on their features and capabilities. Therefore, it is vital to select a relay that is both affordable and provides the necessary level of security. By taking into account all of these factors, you can confidently choose the best safety relay for your application.


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Knowing the various types of safety relays and their applications in ensuring safe machinery operations is crucial. With careful consideration of technical specifications and costs, selecting the right relay for your specific needs can lead to a dependable and effective safety circuit. This, in turn, reduces hazards, safeguards both employees and equipment and promotes reliable and efficient operations. Always prioritize safety when it comes to automating systems and machinery. While safety relays are vital, they should be utilized alongside other safety precautions, including proper training, PPE, and routine maintenance.

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