Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D: A Versatile and Powerful PLC for a Wide Range of Applications

If you're looking to streamline your industrial processes, the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is an indispensable tool.

This powerful Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can manage machines, robots, and other devices across various industries.

Its versatility and flexibility make it an ideal choice for any industrial process that demands efficiency and precision.

So, if you're looking to optimize your workflow, the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is definitely worth considering.

Features and Benefits of the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D

Discover the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D and its outstanding features and benefits:

  • Enjoy 18 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs, and a relay output and DC power supply for a seamless and reliable performance.
  • Benefit from compatibility with all other Omron PLC line-up devices for a versatile and integrated solution.
  • Take advantage of 4 high-speed encoder inputs, 2 high-speed pulse outputs, and motion functionality for advanced automation capabilities.
  • Expand your system up to 3 modules, and enjoy instruction set compatibility with CP1H, CJ1, and CS1 series PLCs for enhanced flexibility and scalability.
  • Optional RS232C and RS-422A/485 serial ports are available for even more connectivity options.
  • Count on a wide operating temperature range, from 0°C to 55°C, for durability and resilience in any environment.

Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D Applications

Trust in the accuracy and dependability of the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D in various industries.

The Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is a reliable and flexible solution for your industry needs.

With precise control over machines, devices, and processes, this powerhouse is perfect for various applications, from manufacturing and machine control to process automation, robotics, building automation, transportation, and even medical devices.

It's a versatile tool that can help you streamline your operations and boost your productivity.


If you're in the manufacturing industry, you'll be happy to know that the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is an all-around superstar.

This impressive piece of machinery can perform a wide range of tasks, from automated assembly lines to robotic welding, CNC machining, and even packaging and labeling. It can also control material handling, such as a robotic arm that welds car parts together. 

Machine Control

If you're looking for a reliable and versatile machine control system, the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is an excellent option. It's perfect for various industries, from food and beverage to chemical and pharmaceutical.

This system monitors a machine's temperature, pressure, and other vital settings. It's even capable of controlling complex devices, like a plastic bottle-making machine.

Process Automation

The Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is a versatile automation tool that can handle various tasks, from temperature and pressure control to flow and level monitoring.

Its most impressive feat is its ability to easily automate chemical mixing processes. By closely monitoring the mixture's temperature and pH levels, this powerful tool can make real-time adjustments to the chemical flow, ensuring a smooth and efficient mixing process every time.

Whether you're working in a lab, factory, or any other industrial setting, the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is an indispensable tool for getting the job done right.


The Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is also perfect for handling tasks such as assembly, welding, painting, picking and placing, and inspection.

With its advanced capabilities, you can easily program your robot to read part positions and move accordingly, making assembly line tasks a breeze.

Building Automation

In building automation systems, the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D allows you to control various systems, such as lighting, HVAC, security, access control, and fire alarms.

With its help, you can easily set up schedules for your lights or even have them turn on and off automatically in response to motion sensors.


If you think about it, transportation systems are so intricate - traffic lights, elevators, escalators, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and railway signaling all work together.

That's where Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D comes in with impressive precision control. It can even adjust the traffic lights at an intersection based on traffic flow.

Medical Devices

The Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is a powerhouse for controlling medical devices.

It can monitor heart monitors, insulin pumps, defibrillators, X-ray machines, and MRI machines, ensuring everything is running smoothly. This PLC can even alert medical professionals if a patient's heart rate becomes too high or too low. It's no wonder that the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D is a valuable asset to so many industries and applications.

With its precise and reliable control, it's no wonder it's a popular choice for those needing the best.

Programming the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D

To program the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D, the CX-Programmer software is your go-to solution! It boasts a user-friendly graphical interface that makes PLC program creation and editing a breeze. Alternatively, you can program the PLC using ladder logic, a text-based programming language.

The Benefits of the Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D

The Omron CPU PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Versatility and power
  • Simple to use and program
  • Compatibility with a broad range of devices
  • dependable and long-lasting


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