Omron Safety Light Curtains (F39-JJR3K-D & F39-JJR3K-L) F39-JJR3K

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The Omron Safety Light Curtains, specifically the F39-JJR3K-D and F39-JJR3K-L models, represented by part number F39-JJR3K, stand as advanced safeguards in industrial environments. These light curtains are engineered to ensure worker safety by creating a protective barrier that detects any intrusion or obstruction within its field. The "D" and "L" variants refer to different configurations, providing flexibility to accommodate various safety requirements in different applications.

The F39-JJR3K Safety Light Curtains are designed with precision and reliability in mind. The "D" and "L" versions may offer different dimensions or features to suit specific needs, but both share the common goal of preventing access to hazardous areas when necessary. These curtains utilize advanced optical technology to create a grid of light beams, and any interruption triggers an immediate response, halting machinery or initiating safety protocols. Ideal for use in manufacturing and automation, the F39-JJR3K Safety Light Curtains from Omron are integral components for businesses prioritizing worker safety and regulatory compliance in their industrial operations.

Omron Safety Light Curtains (F39-JJR3K-D & F39-JJR3K-L) F39-JJR3K Features:

  • Accessory
  • Safety Light Curtain
  • Power Cable
  • 0.3M
  • 2 Cables Per Set
  • Cable: Cordset

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