Sprecher + Schuh Motor Circuit Breaker 32A KTA7-32H-32A

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The Sprecher Motor Circuit Breaker 32A KTA7-32H-32A is a robust and reliable industrial electrical component designed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of motors within industrial settings. This circuit breaker is rated at 32 amps, providing optimal protection against overloads and short circuits in motor circuits. Its KTA7-32H-32A model is engineered with precision to meet the stringent demands of industrial applications, featuring advanced circuit interruption technology. The breaker's high-quality construction and adherence to industrial standards make it a key component for motor control panels and electrical distribution systems, enhancing overall system reliability and minimizing downtime in critical industrial processes.

With a focus on performance and durability, the Sprecher Motor Circuit Breaker is equipped with advanced features to safeguard motors from electrical faults. The 32A rating ensures compatibility with a range of motors, making it a versatile solution for various industrial setups. The KTA7-32H-32A model's compact design allows for efficient use of space within control panels, while its rugged build ensures longevity in challenging industrial environments. Whether used in manufacturing plants, processing facilities, or other industrial applications, this circuit breaker is a dependable choice for optimizing motor protection and contributing to the overall reliability of industrial electrical systems.

Sprecher + Schuh Motor Circuit Breaker 32A KTA7-32H-32A Features:

  • Trip position: separate handle position indicates a trip has.
  • Occurred, for easy identification.
  • Short circuit trip indication identifies a short circuit trip, enabling.
  • Operators to identify a fault quickly, reducing downtime.
  • Front mount auxiliary contacts require no additional panel space.

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