Discover the Power of Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850

Get ready to dive deep into one of the most innovative products in the HVAC industry, the Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850. This remarkable product is packed with features that will take your HVAC solution to the next level. From enhanced safety to top-notch functionality, this product has it all. Let's get started!

Introduction: Revolutionizing Burner Control

The Honeywell RM7850 Automatic Programming Control is more than just another basic burner control. This advanced burner control is equipped with a microprocessor and designed to handle full modulation power burner applications, making it a game-changer, robust, and reliable solution. This innovative control is worth considering if you are responsible for operating and maintaining a burner system.

Unpacking the Features

Unpacking the features of Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850

The Honeywell RM7850 Automatic Programming Control, offers several features and benefits that make it stand out from other burner controls on the market.

With the RM7850, you'll always be in the know with its Keyboard Display Module (KDM) that gives you real-time updates on system status, diagnostics, and fault history. It's like having a personal assistant that keeps you informed!

And what's even better? The plug-in flame signal amplifier that comes with the RM7850 ensures that flame monitoring is accurate and dependable. Plus, the plug-in purge timer card controls the purge time before ignition, adding an extra layer of safety.

Additionally, the RM7850 can easily communicate with other devices through Data ControlBus or ModBus protocols, making integrating your existing systems a breeze.

The Benefits: Safety, Functionality, Efficiency

The advantages of using the RM7850 are numerous. For starters, it offers a high level of safety, functional capability, and features that go beyond traditional controls. This means you can rest assured that your burner is operating safely and efficiently.

Second, this product can assist in lowering fuel costs and improving burner performance. You can save a lot of energy by optimizing the operation of your burner. Furthermore, improved performance frequently translates to longer equipment life.

Finally, the RM7850's KDM and fault history make troubleshooting and maintenance easier. This translates into less downtime and a more efficient operation.

Specifications: Built for Performance

The RM7850 is one powerful burner control! It can easily handle 120 Vac (+10%/-15%) and 50/60 Hz (10%), boasting a maximum power dissipation of 10W for the relay module and 3W for the KDM. Plus, it can handle a total connected load of up to 2000 VA. 

But that's not all - this burner control is tough, too. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F). It can handle humidity levels of up to 85% RH. Plus, it's built to handle a 0.5G vibration environment.

Applications: Versatility at its Best

The RM7850 is appropriate for automatic gas, oil, or combination fuel burner applications. It can be used with various flame detectors, including rectification, ultraviolet, and infrared. It can also be used with multiple types of firing rate controls, such as high/low fire or modulating.

The RM7850 is a versatile solution that can be configured for different types of burner sequences, such as interrupted or intermittent pilot ignition, whether you're an HVAC technician installing a new system or a facility manager looking to improve energy efficiency.

Approvals: Quality Assured

The Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850 is a top-notch product that meets a wide range of European directives and standards, guaranteeing its reliability. Here are the certifications it has received:

European Directives:

    • Gas Appliance Directive: 90/269/EEG
    • Low Voltage Directive: 73/23/EEG
    • EMC Directive: 89/336/EEG


    • GASTEC: CE-63AP3070/1
    • Factory Mutual: J.I.0Y0A9.AF


    • EN298: Automatic gas burner systems for use with gas burners and gas-burning appliances, whether they have fans or not.

Oil Approvals:

    • EC7830: DIN-5F106/96
    • EC7850: DIN-5F107/96

These certifications guarantee that the product meets strict safety, performance, and quality standards. You can count on this reliable option to confidently meet all your HVAC needs.

Conclusion: Embrace Innovation with Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850

Embrace the power of Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850

The Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850 is a versatile and feature-rich burner control well-suited for various applications. It is an excellent choice for users seeking a dependable and efficient control that can be integrated with their existing systems.

It is critical to consider the specific needs of your application when selecting a burner control. Consider the type of burner, the type of fuel, the required safety features, and the desired level of communication capabilities.

Are you ready to transform your HVAC system? Today, embrace innovation with the Honeywell Automatic Programming Control RM7850!

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