How to Be a Successful Electrical Apprentice: Life Hacks from Experienced Electricians (+ Less Obvious Tools You Need to Have)

If you are an electrical apprentice, you might wonder how to make the most of your training and career. You are not alone. Many apprentices face challenges and difficulties in their journey to become licensed electricians. But don't worry. We have compiled some of the best life hacks from experienced electricians who have been in your shoes. Here are some of the things they recommend:

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Invest in a good headlamp. 

A headlamp is a must-have tool for any electrician, primarily when you work in dark or dimly lit areas. A headlamp will free up your hands and allow you to clearly see what you are doing. It will also save you time and hassle from looking for a flashlight or a light switch. Make sure you get a headlamp that is bright, durable, and comfortable to wear.

Buy a notebook and take notes. 

One of the most essential skills for an electrical apprentice is to learn from your journeyman or supervisor. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can benefit from. But you can't rely on your memory alone. You need to write down what they teach you, the tips they give you, and the mistakes they correct. A notebook will help you remember and review the information later. It will also show your journeyman or supervisor that you are serious and eager to learn.

Use a multi-bit screwdriver and keep your tool belt light. 

A tool belt is a handy way to carry your tools around, but can also be heavy and cumbersome. You don't need to bring every tool you own to every job. You need to be selective and efficient. A multi-bit screwdriver is a great way to reduce the number of tools you need. It can replace several screwdrivers with different sizes and types of heads. It will also save you space and weight in your tool belt. Keep your tool belt light and only carry the necessary tools for your specific task.

Wear wool socks and proper footwear. 

Working as an electrician can be hard on your feet. You might have to stand, walk, or climb for long hours on different surfaces and weather conditions. You need to take care of your feet and prevent injuries and discomfort. Wool socks are an excellent choice for electricians. They are warm, breathable, moisture-wicking, and odour-resistant. They will keep your feet dry and comfortable in any season. You also need to wear proper footwear that is sturdy, supportive, and slip-resistant. You don't want to risk falling or hurting your feet on the job.

Stretch before and after work. 

Another part of your body that needs attention is your muscles. Working as an electrician can be physically demanding and strenuous. You might have to bend, twist, lift, or reach for various tasks. You need to stretch your muscles before and after work to prevent soreness, stiffness, and injury. Stretching will also improve your flexibility, mobility, and blood circulation. It will make you feel more relaxed and energized.

Read the code book and learn the rules. 

As an electrical apprentice, you must know the code book and the rules governing your trade. The code book is the official document that sets the standards and requirements for electrical installations and safety. You need to read the code book and learn the rules for your work. You also need to keep up with the changes and updates that happen every few years. The code book will help you do your job correctly, efficiently, and safely. It will also prepare you for the licensing exam that you will have to take eventually.

Be honest and own up to your mistakes. 

No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. As an electrical apprentice, you might make some mistakes along the way. That's okay, as long as you are honest and own up to them. Don't try to hide, deny, or blame others for your mistakes. Instead, admit them, apologize, and learn from them. Your journeyman or supervisor will appreciate your honesty and integrity. They will also help you fix your mistakes and teach you how to avoid them in the future. Honesty is the best policy and will earn you respect and trust.

Be curious and ask questions. 

One of the best ways to learn as an electrical apprentice is to be curious and ask questions. Be bold and open to asking questions when you need help understanding something or wanting to know more. Asking questions will show your interest and enthusiasm for your trade. It will also help you clarify and reinforce the information you receive. Your journeyman or supervisor will happily answer your questions and share their knowledge and wisdom. Asking questions will also help you avoid mistakes and improve your skills.


Wire your way to success - with these electrician tips and tricks.

These are some life hacks experienced electricians have shared with us. We hope they will help you become a successful electrical apprentice and a licensed electrician. Remember, you are not alone in your journey. You have the support and guidance of your journeyman, supervisor, coworkers, and peers. You also have the resources and tools to help you learn and grow. You have what it takes to succeed in your trade. All you need is to work hard, be smart, and have fun. Good luck and happy wiring!


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